How to have a great, relatively cheap, weekend

Sweater: Mall, Shirt: Mall, Undershirt: Downeast, Jeans: Walmart, Shoes: Born, Belt: BYU Bookstore, Earrings: Vintage

It's Monday morning (early afternoon actually), but I feel ready for it. Probably because I had such a great weekend. My weekend consisted of:
  • pumpkin pie cake nom nom nom (it can be made g-free and casein free if replaced by a gluten free cake mix, coconut milk and earth balance butter)
  • speed scrabble (one my favorite games, the others are catch phrase, taboo and basically any other word game.)
  • side note: we did not eat an entire pumpkin pie cake on our own, nor did we play speed scrabble by ourselves. that would have been gluttonous and sad. we had friends over friday night. 
  • thrift store shopping in a big(ger than my own) city
  1. this was awesome because I was with one of my best friends who I haven't gotten to catch up with in awhile
  2. I found some of the best stuff (but I had to weed through a four foot mound first, literally [the workers looked afraid each time one would pass my changing stall and see clothes oozing out from underneath.])
  3. including size 10 shoes (thank you my fellow large footed friend who decided the shoes I love just weren't for her.)
  • Nick getting to study most of the day without me sharing any stray thought that popped into my mind.
  • a stay at home date 
  1. building a nest of 7 blankets and tons of pillows
  2. rented movie, Transformers 3, don't hate, sometimes it's fun to watch mental chewing gum 
  3. cafe rio
  4. cupcake and coconut ice cream
  5. snuggling
  • trying on the new clothes
  • church, where I got to mime to 2 of the other ladies in my congregation because we were supposed to discuss a scripture but one of them was from Colombia and the other Brazil. 
  • and lots of nap time
studying coma
the nest
What about you; how was your weekend?

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