How tall are you?

This is one of the most common questions Nick hears, and once they realize how tall he is they ask me the same thing. Nick measures in at a whopping 6' 10", while I come in a close second at 5' 7 ¼".

Where does the title "The Book of Love" come from?

Well, I am an English major and I really love books and reading and love. Just kidding. It's the title of a song by Peter Gabriel. It's sweet but very quirky. We danced to it for our first dance when we got married. Listen to it here; I love the video that goes with it. 

How did you learn Spanish/French?

Nick took Spanish in high school and college and then served a Spanish speaking mission. I learned French from elementary school through college and then did not serve a French speaking mission (I served English speaking instead). My mom used to talk to us in Spanish and I took a year of it in high school (at the same time as French; si, oui, whatever.) 

We both ended up in the Foreign Language Student Residence (it's the greatest place on earth, like Disney World, without Splash Mountain) in the French house . . . and since French is the language of love we got married and now speak Spanglench at home.

Where are your parents from?

This might be a bizarre question to some of you but we get this quite a lot. Nick's family lives in Seattle, but both of his parents grew up in Northern Utah. My family is in Chicago. My mom was born and grew up in San Francisco but moved to Chicago when she was 19. Nick's ancestors are from Sweden, Germany and the British Isles mainly. Mine are also from the British Isles, and Africa and America (the Blackfoot kind).

What kind of camera do you use?

We are not professional photographers by any means, but we want to improve the skill we do have and document our life together. We have a Canon Rebel T3i with an 85mm lens, and an 18-135mm lens. We also use instagram a la Nick's iphone. I have a couple of film cameras at my family's home from when I was younger that we're going to snag and toy around with soon. 

Where is "home" for the Joneses right now?

Together is our favorite place to be and although we do have a sweet little apartment, we spend most of our time at school where we both work and slave away at homework. But, we sleep and make our meals down the street from this house.

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