Alison to the rescue

Turtleneck: JCrew, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Target, Shoes: Nine West, Earrings: Etsy

First things first; I am a nerd. The glasses are real. I am not cool enough to have fake ones. But who cares; no one really makes fun of us four eyes anymore. Besides that I am a comic book nerd.

When we were young there weren't a lot of kids in our neighborhood so my brother Christian and I would play together. Here is where we disagreed: I wanted to play barbies and he wanted to play X-men.

So we split our time playing what the other one wanted to for half the time, but in reality I was only in it for the trips to the store and beach and camping with Skipper (Barbie's little sister) and Christie (her black friend.) (Don't be too jealous but I not only had a pink convertible but a daycamper for Barbie to be more outdoorsy.)

Then, I spent a Christmas reading all of Christian's X-men comics and from there on I was hooked.

If I were to compare myself to a superhero I would like to say I am like Rogue from the X-men; she has a wonderful southern accent and Remy Lebeau, aka Gambit, as her boy-toy. She is downright sexy with her sultry looks and spandex. But I don't wear as much makeup or have a sweet highlight in the front of my hair.

I am probably more like Peter Parker. Spiderman and I are both college students with part time jobs as messengers, which can sometimes be rough. Since I've gotten into photography lately we now have that in common too. Also, we both moonlight as heroes.

He saves New York City from whatever ne'er-do-well may be scheming there. While I save my little corner of the web (haha) by preventing boredom and making sure that my husband doesn't wear white socks with his black sandals. (This is really more for all the people who would have to see him than it is for him.)

To sum up, I am nerdy and proud of it. I got this skirt on Saturday during the thrift store marathon. My friend didn't love it, but I convinced her that it would look great a little shorter, but I kind of like it as is. Am I totally off my rocker and onto the unfashionable train? 

Leave a comment either confessing something equally as embarrassing as being a closet-comic book nerd or telling me which superhero you see yourself as. Either way I will still like you. ;)


  1. I am a total Harry Potter guru! I grew up with HP seeing as I am the same age as him (in the books). Every year, I made my mom go to the store at midnight to get the new book as soon as it was released, and read it in 24 hours. (Yes, all 7) I also (obviously) saw each movies opening weekend. The day or week before each movie would be released, I would watch all the previous movies in a row before it. I also know tons of background info and cast bios and etc. It's a bit excessive. The people around me know this, but I haven't admitted to anyone else. :)

  2. I love the length of the skirt, don't change it! And with those shoes. That pop of color is great!
    I'm nerdy in the way that I read anything and everything. I love books. Thanks for sharing. I love Rogue, too, but sadly, I only know her through the movies and the cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

  3. that's actually my favorite length of skirt! so flattering :) love the pop of color you added with those shoes!!! and hey I looove x-men, don't be ashamed! it's an awesome comic and movie series

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