Calm down

Blouse: ASOS, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Boots: DSW, Earrings: the Field Musuem

It's Friday and I am very happy, but I crashed this morning. After a long week sometimes you just need a break and mine couldn't wait til Saturday. So I woke up not feeling so well and I couldn't peel myself out of bed. I wrote a poem about being busy a couple years ago and since then I've found that some of the things that I was too busy to do, like exercising, reading and meditating, are the only things that can keep me going and sane. So why do we sometimes give up what we need most because we are "too busy"? 

I haven't the time to read my scriptures
                         or say my prayers before
                                 rushing off to sleep
                                                   to bed
                                               to ready
                                           for another day

I'm very busy you see
        very busy, I think to myself
     as I watch TV and check my email and eat dinner
  I have pages of lists of things that I must
    "to do" soon
  They're numbered and lettered, but
    everything is a 1A

I'm busy you see
     so busy in fact that I only read when
        I walk
     or talk while I clean
     and yet nothing is ever as clean or
     read or walked or talked as it should

I'm busy
     There are a lot of things that I should
        do, that I would do if only I could
        find Time.
But I'm ever so busy, too busy in fact
       to finish this poem . . .


  1. beautiful poem :) i wish i was a better poet you have a great talent! and i love your look -- thank you for your sweet comment! following xo

    visit again soon


  2. I almost bought those boots last year. They are stunning. Also, really love the shirt.

    Beautiful as always!

  3. Aw, I like that poem! What a great fall outfit, too.

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  4. OMG! I have a skirt that is almost like that one and I never knew how to use it! Love this outfit and I'll be recreating it soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hi Alison--I'm an Alison too ;) I love love love that blue blouse...it's gorgeous, just like you! The whole outfit comes together beautifully! Hope you're enjoying a fall weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  6. Ahhhh! This outfit is extremely gorgeous! I love the blue shirt with that bow!
    Thank you for your sweetest and thoughtful comment at my place:) I am very blessed to have a very good dad, or pops, as I like to call him:)
    Don't forget about my GIVEAWAYY!! Southernpinky.blogspot.com

  7. Love this look! Your bow-blouse is amazing and really love those boots! Also - great, unique color combination. This is something I would definitely wear :)


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