Back from the Wed . . . ding

I thought that was funny.

Anyway, you may have noticed my recent absence, at least I hope you have, and not with relief. Nick and I are finally married! I can say finally because we are surrounded by a society where people being engaged for 2 months is considered a long time and we scraped by with just under 6 months! But mostly, the finally is a sigh of relief that everything went so well, especially the whole getting married part, to say little of the wedding reception. And so I am finally sane again. Mostly.

But I want to dedicate this post to all the wonderful people who love me and Nick and who have backed it up with tons of support. You know who you are, and we couldn't have done it, any of it, including the whole growing up enough to get married part, without you. Thank You!!! And thank you to Nick who endured the less sane parts and even told me he loves me and thinks I am beautiful when I was clearly messy and silly.

I am so glad to be writing to my adoring public once again (or at least friends, family and unfortunate googlers who stumbled onto my blog when they were researching crowns.) I have lots that has been on my mind lately, including but not limited to- career changes, friendships, art, sun worshipping, Paris, and still more wedding stuff. I know that you might have thought that once my own wedding was over I would quit with the whole decorating, designing stuff, but no. I am hooked.

P.S. I hear that it is peony season in France, which reminds me that I think they are the loveliest but still very expensive flower.


  1. oh my garsh. I love your artsy finds. Keep them coming!

  2. Lia, please please pleeeease give me some pictures to go off of. I'm so glad everything went well! I have been staunchly eying my blog feed for your post-wedding update. Thank you for posting. Also I just gained 22304958 pounds so if you could do that too then I would feel a lot better when we become running buddies again... Uhh, anyway, I love you! Tell your husband Nick I said hi.

  3. Do not despair Devaun, as soon as I have any pictures I will definitely post them. I saw our photographer this weekend (I wasn't hounding her, she just happened to photograph my brother's wedding too) and she said that they will be done soon. So, I am hopeful that by this weekend we will have some. I may have a picture or two on my digital camera, but I am not sure, I'll check when I get home. Also I love you in Spain and am loving all the cool things you are doing and eating. You look muy bonita. If you have gained any weight you are hiding it well. But don't worry our diet starts tomorrow, (Harvard sailing team reference) and I am going running for the first time in a month too. :) Oh and in addition to my running buddy for the summer, you should help me become better at sewing. Okay?

  4. Can not wait to see your pictures! Congrats!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.