The other morning on our walk to work Nick asked me about my dream house. We talked for a while about gardens and porch/tree swings and country vs city vs suburbs. Since I was a little girl I have wanted a Beauty and the Beast style library, complete with a swinging ladder. Now I am sure that might sound typical, and unrealistic of me but that's what I want. I also have wanted a secret room, maybe in a tower that I can use for writing and dreaming. Between work and unpacking I have been checking out some interior design blogs for ideas for our dream house. I know that we still have a long time before we have to worry about that, but it's still nice to plan. And one item that is on the horizon is a bed. (Shameful secret: We are currently on two twin beds. In case this brings to mind any images of I love Lucy, they are not on opposite sides of the room. But that is our current state until we bring Nick's bed back from Seattle in June.)

I just have one word for these two bedrooms.
These are just the dreams of a girl sleeping on a separate single mattress from her new husband. 

Even though I think that these both of these beds are beautiful, I know that Nick would for sure veto the top. His only design input is no foot boards, which is only logical for someone who is 6'10". But I love the definition that headboards add to the wall.

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  1. Sadly, yes, he would veto the top, decadent though it may be. :)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.