Rainy day projects

I am not one of those people who love the rain. I love a sweeping, boiling thunderstorm like we got in Chicago where I grew up. During the summer the sky would be cut open with light and you would count the seconds to know how far away the lightening struck. (I'm not sure why, it definitely wasn't to be warned, if anything we wanted the lightening to be closer.) It was mesmerizing. I also love the contrasting colors of greens and grays that you can sometimes see on a perfectly overcast day in Provo, but more often in Seattle and the pictures I've seen of Ireland. The reason that I do not love the rain (or snow for that matter) is I have an undiagnosed allergy to the cold. I break out into goose bumps and have full body paralysis until I reach an acceptable temperature. Despite all of that I am really enjoying today. It is beautifully dreary.

Also, the rain makes staying in the best option and since I have 3 months worth of projects piled up that is a very good thing. Amy and Helen both service volunteered hours last week towards invitation making- ribbon cutting, and gluing, picture placement, and envelope stuffing, addressing and sealing.-- They are so wonderful. And I now understand why a girl needs bridesmaids especially the best friend variety.-- Nick enlisted some of his roommates too to help finish half the invitations. I think it sounds like the cutest thing in the world (is cute too girly?) a late night/ early early morning man party which consisted of youtube videos and addressing envelopes for wedding invitations.

And despite all of their help there is yet more to do. For everything.

So I'm off to try and complete some rainy day projects.

This is a rainy picture of Issaquah, Washington, Nick's hometown.

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