You know you're old when...

Lately I have noticed my roommates, friends and even fiance mentioning how they feel old. While I have felt sympathy for their various aches and pains I also have felt like I did when I was young and my mom didn't want to get up at six am to open presents on Christmas morning-- I just didn't get it.

However right now, it is only 10:30 and I have been feeling both tired and sleepy for more than an hour and this isn't the first time even this week. (And it hasn't been one of those days where I woke up at three am to work on a midterm or was skiing all day.) So, I guess that I am getting old, but that's okay because now I can go to bed early and look for my glasses when they are on top of my head, and demand that everyone use coasters and people will just say, "Well, that's Alison. She's gotten a little eccentric with age."

Anyway even though I am tired, today was a really good day. It was Nick who woke up at three am to work on a midterm. After that he was a little tired of the whole school thing (which I have been for about five months even though I really like my classes); understandable, considering he's been in school year round since fall 2009! The good part came later when we had a break and we took over one of the media center viewing rooms in the library on BYU campus and watched a slideshow of our engagement photos that we received from our amazing photographer, Heather Telford, last night while listening to a playlist we made of some favorite songs. I got Nick his favorite smoothie and a meatball sandwich and we made a picnic of it; I ate beans and rice. (It might sound like prison fair, but it was pretty good.)

Although I would have rather had a sandwich of my own with the fantastic g-free bread I got from Nicole at New Grains Bakery, I am down to a crust. I haven't eaten a loaf of any kind of bread in that short of a time since I went gluten free. Since most g-free bread is crumbly and dry I just kept it in the freezer to use occasionally and that would last me months. Yikes! But I had an amazing sandwhich the other day on New Grains bread. I think I like it best toasted because it's still light and fluffy. I had my roommate Jenna, who has Celiac disease, try it two nights ago and she was surprised by how moist it is. Or was, before I ate it all. :(

And now to bed.

This is one of the engagement pictures.
I really love this one even though our faces aren't visible.
From an artistic point of view it makes the viewer feel like they are included rather than shut out from the picture, watching the same things the subjects are.
But also, it was just a beautiful sunset that I got to watch with Nick.

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  1. Old and tired?! Just wait until you get married! :) We'll have this conversation a few months from now and you will laugh. Love the photo. Love you.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.