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Kimberly is the kind of person who names her camera, which is definitely my kind of person. (The name is Perry since I know you were wondering.) Her attachment to her camera is well earned since she is an amazing photographer.  You can find her blogging and photographing her life in Hawaii (I know, I'm jealous too) on her blog, Amusing. I'm sad to report that her Etsy shop is closing as she moves on to a different phase in her life, but the good news is that she's offering a 20 percent discount for all of her lovely, minimalist jewelry from her shop, Fildee.

Thanks Kimberly, for being a part of The Story/Book.
The Story~
I remember when I first began to discover the world of books. My mom was a great reader in the past, and when I started to see my older brother reading thick novels, I wanted to try it too -- literature was in our blood. However, I didn't fall in love with books until I discovered the realm of classics. My mom suggested I read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, one of her favorites when she was my age. Once I dove into Jane's heroic tale, I was smitten.  

The Book~
One of the main reasons I admire the character of Jane is because of her integrity and unwavering faith in God. Her selflessness in love and yet honest inner struggles were worded beautifully throughout. To me, Bronte's writing style is a work of art. I re-read my favorite passages constantly just to marvel at her style. Not to mention that one of my favorite things in a story is a good twist, and Jane Eyre is loaded with them.

Other recommendations~
The Blue Castle L.M. Montgomery, Great Expectations Charles Dickens, Shirley Charlotte Bronte.

Jane Eyre is the reason I love the classics. Thanks Kimberly, for being a part of The Story/Book


  1. I am so in love with this series, Alison! So perfect.

  2. Alison, this is such a cool series! I love the photos. I also have a special place in my heart for Jane Eyre. :)

  3. I absolutely love Jane Eyre my goodness! And amazing series :-)

  4. Thank you so much @Laicie, @Margarita and @Nataly. I love books and I love blogs so this felt like the perfect feature for me.

  5. This is a cute series, I'm a relatively new follower to your blog so it's a pleasant surprise to know that you're doing posts like this

  6. I adore this book! I've recently read it, and yes -- it's wonnnderrfull. also, i really like that particular publication/cover series. they do gorgeous covers, don't they?

  7. the first photo is truly beautiful. i love books, so i'm a little ashamed to say, but i've never read jane eyre. i'm familiar with the story through movies. i think it's about time i grab myself a copy.


  8. interesting! thanks for sharing!
    she has a super cute dress btw

  9. you are so beautiful! i love the vintage copy you have, so nice. i've still yet to read it but i want a cute vintage copy like yours!

  10. Thanks for dropping by - i love the layout of your blog. So cute!!! Let's keep in touch :)


  11. Great post !

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration :) !

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  12. This is lovely! -Nakita


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