easy peasy lemon squeezy

I found this recipe on Pinterest for Cornmeal Pancakes and decided to try them for a change from my normal breakfast. There were less ingredients and they took less time than traditional (gluten free) pancakes. Nick and Grace gave them two thumbs up and we all agreed that they're a yummy option for breakfast, although I wouldn't give up ever having "normal" pancakes for them I would like to add them to the list of go to breakfasts. It was already pretty allergy friendly, I just substituted coconut milk and wahla, delicious breakfast.

I preferred the sweet over the savory, which is not really a surprise considering my sweet tooth leanings, but the savory were also just a little lacking. I'd like to make them again but try to add some spices or something. Perhaps more bacon. Any recipe can be improved by more bacon. Write that down.

original recipe


  1. This looks absolutely amazing and the sweet/savory variation made me laugh. I find normal pancakes too cake-like. I'll be sure to try these one day! x

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com

  2. How do you have such amazing willpower? I am so terrible at photographing food, because I always just want to scarf it down. Looks delicious, by the way, but I'm partial to breakfast foods of any kind.

    1. I can only photograph like 1 in 20 meals because of the same willpower problem. The ones that do get photographed usually require me eating as I cook. :) And then there are the people who I'm sharing food with to consider. It's hard to take pictures of food in real life!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.