I like pie crust more than pie

I'm going to be honest with you, this pie came out tasting mediocre at best. Wohn wohn. However it looked scrumptious and was fun to photograph. This was my second pie after I got the itch by making strawberry rhubarb. I made the crust from scratch and fresh cherries and therein may have been my problem. The box crust tasted better :( and although I love fresh cherries, they did not make this pie work. I still sort of want to try a few more pies, but I need a good idea and a good recipe. Her series definitely inspires me. And makes me hungry.


  1. It does indeed look pretty scrumptious. I have never tried my hand at homemade pie crust for this very reason though. There must be a secret to it, right?!

  2. Oh how good pie sounds right now! ;)
    Your blog is so cute! Take a look at mine

  3. Oh, it may not taste as well as it looks but it really looks yummy and that alone leaves me mouth-watering!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, enjoy the August Break :)

  4. so yummy! MA looks so cute, I am loving all your photos!


  5. what great photos! I especially love the one next to the window.

    1. Thanks Julia. I had fun making and photographing the pie and Nick liked eating it, even if it wasn't up to my standards.

  6. But it looks so good!! Pretty pictures, in any case. ;)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.