Tuesday Tips-Thrifting

A couple weeks ago, for our anniversary, Nick let me choose what to do. Since we were in a big(ger) city than normal I wanted to hit a few thrift stores. And Nick was a complete trooper about shopping for hours. We scored quite a few good finds (many clothes-es for me) including the above. Thrift stores are the perfect place to find games, since they don't get worn out like other things, people just get bored of them or lose key pieces. I also like to look for DVDs when I go thrifting. (So cheap!) The pair of shoes were too good to pass upreal leather and only six bucksso even though they didn't fit Nick I snagged them for a certain giant of a little brother that I have in Chicago.

We've already played Scattegories three times since we bought and love it. It's joined our other group of word games, which include Catch Phrase and Scrabble.

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