sorting the coloreds from the whites

Everyday-life has a beauty to it that is all it's own.

It is not sharp, bright and lemon-flavored like the spikes and dips which punctuate the rest of our lives. Everday-life is flatter, smoother with a creamy texture and yet, somehow, it is deeper too than those other events. Even the words that describe the everyday, monotony and mundane, are slow sounding and resonate all the way from our bellies. These belly-words are sometimes synonymous with drudgery and the doldroms, but not to me.

Not anymore at least. Lately I've come to appreciate the slowness, the pauses in my life even if much of that time is spent cleaning house or cooking, and doing dishes and laundry. I used to think that the mundane life was boredom, the monotonous one death; but the everyday-life has a rhythm to it, consistently pounded out.

There's unity in repetition.

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  1. Beautifully put! I've come to enjoy and revel in the rhythm of everyday life too.



Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.