Even though day to day is pretty normal, I love my life.

The most important things to me are my family, especially that cute guy that I talk about so often and my beliefs (which you can check out at the top). I'm also passionate about writing, reading, graphic design, fashion, healthy living (which for me means gluten free foods and exercising as frequently as I can get myself out of bed), photography, and learning new languages and about different cultures. That doesn't mean I understand or can do all of those things perfectly or even any of them; but I do love them. My heart speeds up the same way whether over a good book, a good run or a good piece of design.

Some people don't get why I'm interested in all these different things and consequently they don't "get" me either. That's alright though. I feel like I am always learning new things about myself and I like that. I'm never bored for very long. I admire people who have a passion for life, even if what they're most interested in is something that is beyond me, like economics, or not one of my own interests, like knitting. I still admire that they do what they really enjoy, especially if they can help others in doing what they love.

I've come across a couple of movies in the last couple of weeks that show passionate people doing what they love and they've both made me smile. So here are two smiles for you, and even though the second one is a little longer it's worth it.

This young girl has a ton of passion and positive energy

Ben lives in Uganda and shows his passion through dancing

film source


  1. Im still loving your Blog... I like the realness of it... if that makes any sense...
    God Bless


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.