Why do I blog?

'Kay guys, in retrospect I am not super in love with how this outfit turned out. At the time it felt like a good decision, but I feel like it was lacking a belt or something to define my waist so I don't look like I have no curves at all, which definitely isn't the truth of the matter. And let's not mention how I am wearing the same shoes that I did last time I wore this skirt.

Enough about that though, I've been thinking about blogging. Why do I do it? Is it because my fashion sense is so evolved that I have to share what I wear everyday? No! I really like fashion and even though I don't have the most extensive wardrobe, and lots of what I do have comes from thrift stores instead of boutiques, I like a well composed outfit. I feel like it's one of the many ways that I express myself. But I don't consider myself a fashion blogger. (I almost never write--the above paragraph excluded-- about clothes.) Taking pictures of my outfits does help motivate me to shower and groom myself on an almost daily basis and keeps me from wearing sweat pants 24/7.

Blogging isn't just a matter of rolling out of bed, snapping a few pictures and writing a few clever paragraphs--although I do hope some of it's clever. When I write posts I try to slow down and think about what part of our life (meaning Nick and mine, not you and me; but I think you're great too) I want to share. It gives me an opportunity to evaluate and contemplate, which is really great and makes blogging like journaling for me. An extension of that is that blogging forces me to make the time to write every day, and since writing's what I want to do secretly shhh! for my career it's really good practice.

When I blog I feel part of a larger community. I get to share some things that I definitely wouldn't tell a stranger, but it's okay because you guys aren't strangers (except for you, yeah I'm talking to you, the creeper in the wolf shirt) and those of you who have blogs, I get to read about your life too. It's sort of like having cyber pen pals. I get positively giddy when my phone beeps and I see that someone has commented on a post. And I'm pretty sure Nick has bruised ribs from me poking him in the side, telling him to look at this cute picture or to share a funny story from one of your lives.

Wow, this post is becoming an expository essay. To conclude I also blog because it forces me to create and have adventures. Maybe "force" is too strong of a word, because these are the kind of things that I'd want to do anyway. Blogging reminds me though to take advantage of each day and make life fun. I try to capture that life and fun on camera, but sometimes I forget.

Twitter version, in case you couldn't weed through my essay above:
  • fashionista, no; clothing lover, yes
  • blogging community = cyber pals
  • journaling
  • improve my writing
  • force me to create 
  • remind me to be adventurous
  • become a better photographer
'Kay, your turn. Why do you blog or why do you read blogs? (Queen Alison decrees that everyone must answer this question. So let it be typed, so let it be done. This means you Helen, Stephanie, and Grandma Hoaglund. : ) 


  1. i love reading why other people blog because i'm still trying to figure out why i love it so much, and how to respond to people who ask why in the world i spend so much time blogging. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love the idea of this post. I blog because I have an incredible amount of opinions about, pretty much, everything I read about or see around me. My blog has given me a space to share those opinions and, in the process, learn a lot about other people's thoughts.

  3. You're amazing. I started blogging to put my stuff "out there" and I still love blogging because of the community (everyone, well almost everyone, 's so lovely). x hivenn

  4. First I want to say that I love you in this skirt. I do also like clothes although I'm not exactly a fashionista. I definitely started blogging while I was in a bit of a funk as a place to sit down and focus on positive thoughts for a few minutes every day. But I am also a voyeur, and I love reading details about other peoples lives. The reason I've continued blogging is definitely to interact more with the people who have become such an intimate part of MY life.

  5. I agree with most of your points. I think it's like a virtual journal or blogging pen pals. You can choose what to share with "strangers" and read what they share. It can motivate you to dress up or have adventures. It can help you with writing skills or socialization. There's a lot of reasons and I'm just happy that I chose to blog because I love being able to correspond with so many different people (you included!)


  6. I enjoy blogging for many of the same reasons; I'm taking a few months off from my freelance writing in order to welcome my little one, but I want to keep my hand in. I was also one of those teenagers with many pen pals; I'm finding that the blogsphere is like that, only more interesting because I get to see into people's lives more.

    Love your skirt by the way!


  7. Love your thoughts on blogging - many of them are reasons I began in the first place. I've always loved scrap books and journaling, and I also 'love fashion and styling'... so it was just a perfect creative outlet. Plus, like you said, you get to share with strangers creating an unexpected community. I get so inspired by reading other blogs - also makes me think things through more when I write !! Keep up the good work, Xo

  8. I LOVe these post where people talk about why they blog. And I loved your twitter version of this post. :) So awesome.

    Here's why I blog:


  9. I blog because I have the urge to do it. And reading blogs have truely changed my life. I have found people who are just as strange as me and it has given me a lot of confidence. It has even pushed me in a direction of becoming aware of my style and slowly improve it. I am actually thinking about posting about my outfits but haven't had the courage to do so yet...



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