on my mind

Dress: Thrifted, Boots: DSW, Cardigan: ASOS, Undershirt: Cozy's
  • We need a Christmas tree; probably a small, charlie brown-esque one, but a tree nonetheless.
  • I can't believe that December is almost here with all its Christmasy goodness.
  • Thanksgiving may be my new favorite holiday. It used to be Easter, but Thanksgiving break last year I got engaged and this year's break was so relaxing and much needed.
  • Breakfast for dinner is one of the best inventions ever.
  • I am loving her blog.
  • This book was really good, but I am left with that hollow feeling, like I haven't eaten in a week. I want to read the final book of the trilogy!
  • I liked this movie (even if it wasn't 100% historically accurate.)
  • Nick is the best husband in the world, and sometimes it's kind of nice that he enjoys doing homework way more than I do; we spent Saturday night and early this morning (I'm talking 3:40 am) catching up for the restart of school today.
  • I am enjoying the gloomy, cloudy weather from inside of the warm library building.


  1. Well I can't wait to see your Charlie Brown Christmas tree. lol


  2. You look so cute and you have a gorgeous smile!! XO

  3. Ahh! Elbow patches! So adorable. Love this look!

  4. Love the outfit! The dress caught my eye immediately.

    We need a tree too.

  5. That dress is so gorgeous! I love it paired with that cardigan. Very pretty look! :)

    xx Melina

  6. That dress is such a great thrif store find! It's seriously so great :) I'm glad that december is here (well right around the corner) with all it's christmasy goodness.

  7. thanks for the sweet comment, I like the concept of you blog!



Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.