Why do we shop at thrift stores?

Scarf: Tibetan Store in Palo Alto,CA, Belt: Banana Republic, Trousers: ASOS,
 Blouse Thrifted (Banana Republic), Shoes: Ebay, Earrings: the MOA

Growing up we always shopped at thrift stores. That's just how it was and I didn't think much of it or get made fun of.

Well, maybe I did, but that's because I had have? a funky taste in fashion and most other things. Oh and probably because I didn't brush my hair very much and so it was perpetually snarled or very short. (Think Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but not just a flat top. An all over 'fro. Not cute.) :

The point I'm trying to make is thrifting wasn't weird or embarrassing. I had nice, normal clothes and some really sweet pieces, like this leather and fur vest (Mom, please tell me it's still packed away) and a real seventies hippies dresses (polyester, baby; lasts forever.) Most of my clothes were from the thrift store growing up. (Not so much shoes and underwear. I wear a shoe size 10 and as for undies, I just can't swing that way. There are lines after all.)

It's only the last 5 or so years that I have branched out into malls and such. I've found that I like things about both. I love knowing that if I find something at a full-price department store they will usually have it in my size or some other branch will, unless it's on sale. But I still like the uniqueness of hunting for some skirt or top at a thrift store.

I am thrift-girl at heart for so many reasons (e.g. one of a kind, low priced, fun, vintage, and the hunt) but I am also open to department stores, swapping and apartment treasures (which is what I call things that I find and can't return for some reason or other.)

Why do you buy things secondhand, thrifted, or vintage? And what's been your best find to date?


  1. I shop at thrift stores b/c I don't have alot of spare money to spend on clothes so I want to stretch my buck further. I also really enjoy that it's like treasure hunting. I feel like some people are so materialistic because everything is judged by brands and labels and prices. I don't mind buying some things from chains/dept stores like undergarments and jeans(I'm shaped odd). Thrifting guarantees(or at least 90%) you'll have a unique piece of clothing that you won't run into someone else wearing.
    I could go on for longer, but that's just a few reasons :)


  2. Love these pants and that scarf is gorgeous.
    We didn't have a lot of money growing up so it was thrift stores, outlet malls & sale racks only. The habits definitely stuck with me, I have a really hard time paying full price for anything. Especially belts & scarves.

  3. LOVE this outfit girl. i've been thrifting since i was 12 and i can't go back! love it way too much.

  4. thanks:)
    i love your blog, follow you! x

  5. Love the olive pants!

    xo Ashleigh


  6. i think i've spent a good percentage of my life in a thrift store. it's the perfect escape - digging for treasure, uncovering the hidden find.

    i call it channeling our native berry gathering instinct.

    thank you for stopping in and leaving the kind note.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.