On the wagon

Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Ebay, Belt: Banana Republic, Top: Shade
I have a mild addiction to all things sweet. The following example is proof:

At a nearby candy store they have begun to ask me if I want "the usual" (1/6 pound of skittles and 1/6 pound of sour watermelon, and yes I do know that that's a weird amount.) Instead of seeing this as a sign that I need to cut back (or at least diversify) I feel like the workers and I have formed a friendship through my candy obsession.

But lately after eating things with sugar in them I've been really sneezey and phlegmy. (I know that's gross, that's why I'm writing this.) So, I've been seriously considering giving up sugar for a time and see if these symptoms go away. Even writing about this decision feels daunting.

The thing is I actually have a lot of allergies already. Wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and there are still more. I have been able to give these things up and still be fine and happy and eat. But what about bread and cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream? you ask. Well, there are allergy friendly options and some other alternatives. Same with sugar I guess; honey, agave etc. I've just never thought about living without sugar.

You've seen the saying though, Nothing tastes as good as skinny healthy feels. The skinny part, in my own experience, is not true. When I would try diets I always gave into my sugar laden friends in the end. But the healthy part is. I am a veritable Cookie Monster. (Complete with blue fur. JK. But really. . . . ) And yet the gluten-filled tempters hold no sway over me now that I know I am allergic.

The same will be true of sugar for awhile, until I know if I am allergic. And who knows, it could not be sugar that's making me sick. Maybe it's just Nick's cologne or something else expendable, like air.

Until this experiment is concluded, do you know of a good support group I can join. Recovering


  1. I have an older friend named William Fredrickshire who told me that fresh air was bad for you...probably expendable.

  2. Aww you poor thing...but you look quite stunning in that skirt, the color is amazing!

    xo erica

  3. I have a huge sweet tooth too. One day I found a chocolate place that sold fudge and all kids of chocolate dipped things. I got like 5 bags of fudge. I lost control. Good luck quitting :p


  4. maybe just try eating less sweets? like only a couple of times during a week or even two weeks.. ;) of course reduce the amounts too :D and see what happens then.
    btw, I'm in love with the stunning colour of your skirt!!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog!! Well my camera is definitely nothing special, just a little digital one, a sony DSC-W320. It's quite a nifty little camera though for shots on the go! The credit actually has to go to my boyfriend who takes the pictures, I swear when I take them they're never as good haha!!!


  6. I love your skirt....sugar is a hard one! I love it so much, but it makes me feel bad too! In the end I've learned to love naturally sweetened desserts even more (like with raw honey or maple syrup!). But, of course I still have the occasional treat!!!

  7. I just ate like 25 chocolate mints that I bought from some girl scout support sale. I hope the buckets of traffic to your blog don't know me because I'm a little embarrassed. You're probably not allergic, it's sugar, it's supposed to make you all, you know, phlegmy. If I understand the word phlegmy... but keep in mine I'm an optimist, not a doctor.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.