I have decided to streamline my posts a little.

Since I have a plethora of interests which seep their way into this blog I want to assign days to them so that none of them get lost or dominate the others. (At least not yet while my interests are still young and in their developmental stage.) So, for now, this blog will remain a hodge podge of my hobbies and happenings.

Monday posts will be Miscellaneous; Mondays are hard for me so they may be mediocre or miraculous but regardless the topic will be random according to the weather and my mood that day.

Tasty Tuesday. Hopefully the title explains itself (but if not); I'm going to write about food that day.

Wednesday Words will be a chance for me to write. Poetry, fiction, real-life, maybe even some definitions. We shall see.

Thursday is still open for two reasons. 1. I couldn't think of another alliteration and 2. I want to have another spot to write about whatever strikes my fancy.

And for now Friday will share time and space with Fashion and Photography.

That's all I have to say for now. What do you think about that? Please leave a comment below with any thoughts, suggestions or encouragement you might want share with me. :)

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