Hi all.

Long time, no write.

So, here are my excuses, 24, the tv show, organizing our home (which we got two cute, but cheap, purple rugs for from Ross yesterday), Merlin (another tv show), Stephanie's wedding, which she looked beautiful at, but I failed to get pictures of. In fact, I have been failing to get pictures of a lot of things. :(

But enough of my excuses, I am glad to be blogging. I've been thinking lately that this blog is a little all over the place. I am not sure what it is. It's not a mom blog, since I am not a mom and therefore do not have dozens of pictures of the adorable things my uniquely wonderful kids do on a daily basis. It's not a wedding blog, although it had that feeling for a while when we were preparing for our wedding. So what is it?
Well, today it is a fashion blog. Kind of.

To really be a fashion blog I would need to own and wear the clothes in the pictures below. However, I do not. So I guess this is actually an I-wish-I-was-rich-and-owned-all-these-cool-clothes blog, but that's too long so I'll just call this IWIWRAOATCC.

Here is a dream outfit for a summer bike ride to a picnic date.
Keep the sun out of your eyes with this fahionable straw fedora from forever21.

I am in love with peter pan collars.
Slap it on a blouse or dress and I am yours.
I also really like this spunky rust color although I would probably end up with its more versatile and subdued gray sister.
Thank you ASOS.
I also have developed a growing passion for oxford lace ups.
I love these two-tone gray pair from Restricted Poodle.
Perhaps if I am a very good girl and save my allowance I can get these pretties soon before my jumbo size is out of stock. 

So this is my current clothing wish list. Don't you think this would make a cute outfit? I feel like each piece  is very adaptable for other outfits. The dress would look awesome with these heels.

Or you could wear the shoes with a skirt or skinny jeans . . . I mean I could. ^^

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