The Biggest Day


Okay, I feel like I need to get this post out ASAP. (So pardon the grammatical errors.)

The reasons for haste being I am just so excited about these pictures and also we want to show everyone the full footage on Picassa but I couldn't allow my blogging thunder to be stolen.

In fact we wanted these pictures so badly, that even though our car is still being fixed up in the shop we managed  to get down to Heather's to pick them up yesterday. (Thank you Amy.) We have the best friends and family in the world.

We also happened to have the best photographer. Heather was awesome to work with throughout the wedding process. From engagements that were taken on a singularly beautiful day in February, to braving blizzard Bridals (too much alliteration?), to a wedding day at the Timpanogos Temple and evening at the Springville Museum of Art. I would recommend her to anyone because of how much fun she was through the craziness and she was always willing to take our (mainly Nick's) suggestions of what we wanted in the pictures.

Thank you so much Heather!

And without further ado... our wedding.

The temple was beyond words. 
That alone made the day. 
But we had a lot of cherries on top...

My family

My new sisters. Aren't they beautiful?

Zach, Christian, NICK, Dan and Cameron. Studs.

My new family.


I loved the Springville Museum of Art, and Heather was quite the daredevil in getting us onto the back patio.

Gluten-free for me, glutenfull for all.

 The detail shots of the wedding, which we all know are the most important aspect.

Teacups and pictures and books, oh my

The signs on the cake said, "For Love, We Marry" and "Let The Adventure Begin"

The hearts were for wishes from the guests and went on the balloons for the send-off

Dessert and fruit, yum.

These are the troops. -1 very important Mallory

Nick and his troops did a fabulous job of setting up the lights in record time.

The Joneses Soda.
Eskimo Kisses is my favorite flavor.

Dancing with my brother.
 I love you, bubba.

Boys and their sticks

I don't even know what to call this, but it sure was fun. (As evidenced by my face.)

Watch out. Bouquet tosses are lethal.

Not so true of garter tosses

And then the journey began.


The End.

Well, sort of.

But, not really

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