Picture Time

Do you remember that one day when there was a big blizzard and Nick and I took our groomal session with Heather? Well if not, that's okay. Anyway, we got the rest of our pictures this weekend and they are amazing, if I don't say so myself. They were fun to take, and fun to look through. I have to say that taking pictures, for our engagements and groomals has been one of the best parts of the technical wedding planning stuff. I can't wait for our wedding day. More Pictures!

Here are a few

As Nick is always telling me and out photographer, "Detail shots are important."
So, this one stars my favorite cookies from New Grains. I picked them up on the way home from getting my hair done when I ran into Good Earth in Orem. That was my first, but definitely not my last. Mmmm.... gluten-free cookies.:)

P.S.  I've been pretty busy lately, hence the lack of posting, but I've also really missed it. I guess blogging is more important to me than I realized. What is a hobby that you've recently picked up?

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