Let's talk about Nick

Although Nick shows up in, and is sometimes even the star of, many of my posts I realize that many of you might not know him as well as I do or at least not see him the way I do. So, let me tell you all about my Nick.

The first word I would use to describe Nick is patient. Some people might think intelligent, focused or diligent, but I would say patient because that's how Nick always is with me. In case you haven't guessed it I can be kind of emotional (today some young buck library security guard gave me lip, because of my death stare he is now a puddle of ooze for the janitors to clean up) but Nick is always ready and willing to listen to me gripe, squeal with excitement or just cry.

He is steady and doesn't get annoyed or unsure when I am any of those ways. He just listens and talks to me. Which is one of the things that I like most to do with him. Listen and talk.

Nick is also very spontaneous. He will suggest walks, on which we will skip, and he always comes up with the funnest dates and things for us to do.

This could easily turn into the longest post I have ever or could ever write, but I want to save more for the other posts that he will continue to guest star.

All I can say is ...

Love Nick


  1. Did the security guard try to tell you you couldn't take that book because it beeped? And you didn't have your ID? I have turned many into puddles of ooze over that too.

  2. I actually forgot to leave the book at the counter, I didn't even want to check it out. But this young upstart guard seemed to think I was trying to steal it. When I told him I worked there he called my id number in to check my employment status! It was quite annoying especially since I knew he couldn't keep me if I wanted to really leave and that if I wanted to steal a book I would just desensitize it and it would get lost in some trace pile. Why are the guards on such power trips?


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.