Awkward/Awesome Thursday

Sweater: Ebay (Gap), Skirt:Thrifted, Tights: Target, Oxfords: Thrifted, Purse:Vintage
As a tribute to Sydney, who took a break for September but is back and blogging with a sweet new design, I am doing an Awkward / Awesome post today.

  • The day that this was taken my class started a bit later so Nick and I took the time to play. We were on this cool path that winds through the "woods" of campus and we could hear the music from the nearby soccer game blasting all the way up there, so we did what any rational person would do and got our groove on. When he dropped me off for class I gave one more hip wiggle in his direction and then looked to my left and saw my T.A. sitting on a bench watching me. I said, "Hey, how's it going?" And went inside to curl up in a corner.

  • Our photography teacher asked us what are favorite magazine is and the majority answered National Geographic, one person said Seventeen and another said People. He then told us that our next assignment was to make the cover of the magazine we had chosen, photo, fonts, everything. Poor them. Luckily I answered truthfully and said Kinfolk.

  • I've spent many nights at home, after our long days on campus, painting while we unwind and talk together.

  • We went to my first football game. Not just my first college football but first any football. I think the longest that I've watched any sport (barring the Olympics of course) is about one hour. I am usually too antsy for anything longer. However, Nick's parental figures (they also happen to be his real parents) were in town in part for Parent's Weekend and this is our senior year so I thought what the hey, let's do it. And do it we did and trounced the Hawaiian team. 

  • We went to a volleyball game for my fierce sister-in-law, Stephanie, and she whooped the other team. It. was. epic. I found myself shouting and cheering at the top of my lungs and probably looked a little strange in my long skirt gripping my camera. Not the picture of artistic lady-likeness that I had dressed for. :)

  • Cassandra's home. I want to live there too. I wonder if she'd mind the company. 

  • Some of my favorite programs are back on TV (although I have yet to watch them.)
I get to spend this weekend getting inspired while listening to this.


  1. you are seriously adorable. love your awkward and awesome!

  2. leopard kindred spirit! lookin' hot. thanks for commenting again so that i could remember how to find your blog and subscribe this time. i'm the worst at that, but you're not the worst, therefore i will follow.

  3. oh my goodness, this skit is amazing. The color is perfection on you. You look stunning! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I've got some exciting news on my blog involving my latest project with Giuliana Rancic. I'd love if you'd swing by. xo


  4. not gonna lie, i definitely have awkward moments all the time :)


  5. your blog title is darling! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm following yours now! Love your outfit, girl!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  6. lovely outfit! i love the skirt you are wearing, so cute!

    lindsey louise



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