Three reasons I am happy

sweater: gap, blouse: thrifted, skirt: thrifted, belt: thrifted, shoes: steve madden
  •  Zara online finally ships to the US. It's too late for me to get their cute trousers, but I am sure that I can find something to buy to support their new outreach to America. 
  • I am loving my photography class. I have finally started taking consistently OK pictures as of yesterday. (OK is, of course, relative, since before that lots of my pictures were all black blobs anything counts as improvement.)
  • The guy below is amazing and the love of my life. One small example of why that praise is well earned: The other night he was walking home late from a meeting on campus and I asked him to pick up a few things from the Creamery. Not only did he remember everything that I asked for, but he also brought me home Skittles, one of my favorite treats! I once told him that girls like gifts. (Not big, extravagant ones, just little things that show you were thinking about them.) I have also said, "I like candy" on more than one occasion. He remembered. Is it any wonder that I love him so much.

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  1. I love happy lists. You are so cute! And your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower :)

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