Happy Birthdays and a song

Here's a little randomania for y'all today:

These last few days have been the birthdays of two of Nick and my favorite people in the whole world. Our moms!

If you are lucky enough to be acquainted with one of these women, congratulations! You are twice-blessed if you know them both and you probably have quickly realized that they have a lot in common. Chris is fun-loving, caring, and a giver. Nick regales me with stories about the things that she made sure he experienced and the important talks they had together and I have seen and experienced her kindness and generosity. 

My mama, Rachale, has the quirkiest sense of humor, which I love, but can often catch you unawares. Although she is known for repetition of stories, she is also a great listener and friend. And she is patient. And perserverant. And I am her number 1 fan.

We love you so much. And thank you both for being born. In part because now we are here, but mainly because you are wonderful.

I know that this song is more of a couple-y song, but it is also just about love and life. And I love it. So listen, dance and enjoy your birth-week. Here it is:


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