America's Calling

I woke up this morning in Wales. It was hazy, green and grey and 5am when my mind overpowered my body's need for sleep. Today is the last real day of our whirlwind six week trip. Tomorrow morning we fly home; to America, to Chicago.

I can never sleep the night before a big event, which includes flying anywhere. I barely slept before my wedding or graduation, and any major holiday I'll be lucky to get any amount of sleep. It's as if my body can only rest when my mind lets it. The end of this trip is also the beginning of our move to the San Francisco area, the start of new jobs, and the real end to many years of school. 

This was a trip that I dreamed about for many years. Nick told me the other day that he doesn't think that he hasn't completely processed everything we've seen or done yet and I feel the same way. Once we're more settled in I'll have to time to journal more and share our experiences and pictures here. Even though it hasn't been possible to blog throughout our trip, what with our lack of internet, computers and time, I've enjoyed snatching the odd moment to read blogs. You lot have been up to interesting things too. 

P.S. I'll be posting some pictures, both from the trip and before, on instagram and Facebook in the coming days if you'd like to follow along with those.

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