Do not shake your polaroid pictures!

These are some polaroids that I took with my sweet new-to-me medium format camera. Lately, I've heard multiple people say that photographers shouldn't get caught up in the hype of what camera/lens/etc they use or others have because the tech isn't the end result. That being said, I love my Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II. I've had to reorder my list of top five things to save in a fire to include it. 

We had a polaroid camera when I was growing up. I remember thinking how cool it was to watch the picture appear from the darkened square. These pictures are from the last two weeks and there was a definite learning curve to using the polaroid back with the Mamiya, but I love it. Polaroids combine the look and feel of film with the instantaneous availability of digital and include their own color and contrast quirks as well. 

1. Expired Polaroid 667 B/W Film, 2. My first polaroid with Sylvia's Polaroid 215, 3. Nick took this one of me on Sunday, 4. One of my first shots with the Mamiya (turned out a little wonky but I think the colors are cool), 5. Double exposure: My silhouette and Nick's face, 6. This one got an accidental dunk in ice cold water before it was ready, 7. Another happy accident of exposing film


  1. Alison, thank you so much for commenting on my blog and leading me back to your gorgeous photos, these are stunning! I can;t wait to look through more of your blog :)

    I love polaroid pack film, I have a polaroid land camera and I really adore using it, it is a huge learning curve though I agree.

    I do agree that its not the camera that makes a great photo, but having the right camera in the right persons hand (I always think of it a bit like Harry Potter with the wands) definitely makes a difference, some cameras suit some people more and others less, its about finding which one (or ones) really suit you.

  2. Polaroids bring back so many childhood memories!

    No, technology can't guarantee a perfect - or even decent - end result. No matter how fancy the camera equipment, if the person using it doesn't have the right 'touch' it doesn't matter. However, a good lens make life and photography a little easier :-)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.