Hi All

Hello fourth day of February. I can't tell you how many drafts I have saved since the last time I blogged, but I think I needed the breather over break and then it just extended til now.

I thought that today would be an appropriate time to resurrect this blog since one, I started it almost two years ago, and two, my own birthday was yesterday!

This weekend was busy with birth-week celebrations and  a few shoots for my color photography class.  I have lots of pictures to show you but I didn't want to overwhelm myself and end up not posting again so instead you only get one for today.

And since it's my blog's two year birthday on February 23 and my own 26th birthday this month--I decided to do a giveaway(my first, but hopefully a good one)--hence the present in the picture. I'll tell you more about this as I get back into the rhythm of blogging, but it's going to be good! ;)


  1. Happy Birthday! And happy to see you blogging again.

  2. The shades of purple and the lighting in this photo are just beautiful! Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday! Love the purple. :)

  4. Happiest birthday, Ali! Missed you and your updates!

  5. yay, welcome back! can't wait to see everything you have to share. :)

  6. Happy birthday! I totally understand the need for a blog break from time to time, but I'm glad you're back!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.