Don't follow the lights

I am sitting here, way past the bed time that Nick would like me to keep and that my memory and balance wish that I would keep, trying to get things done. But with no sleep and no big brother to monitor my activities, my attention and screen turns to pinterest boards and blogs. I don't have anything super profound to say--I'm lucky at this point that I can even remember a word like profound--but I wanted to say hi anyway. And to those of you whose blogs I read and am inspired/tickled/and made better by, thank you.
Here's some proof that Nick and I were still alive and reasonably well cared for two months ago, although his short hair in this picture would hide in terror at the Wolverine sideburns that he is currently sporting. We went to a glass blowing museum during our stay in Seattle and it was beautiful. The colors were candy for the soul. I'll share some more soon. I love being a part of other people's art, but it also fills me with craft envy--I think I was meant to be born during the Renaissance, when dabbling was expected and everyone was an explorer/scientist/philosopher.

And, in keeping with the scatteredness of this post, I would love to meet some of you soon. Not some hosted blogger event, but just some girl time--Jane Austen themed tea party, byo-craft project, or just Indian food at my place. I already like you enough that I try to stay up to date on all your social media platforms, it's time we hung out in person.


  1. This museum looks fascinating. And, lovely thoughts here -- living in a different time always makes me think of Midnight in Paris now. : )

  2. I love the way you write. I just love reading your blog. That museum seems so amazing!

  3. I'm about an hour away from Provo, but I think meeting you would be lovely! I feel like we'd be "kindred spirits," as Anne of Green Gables would put it -- and your photography is so pretty that I would be interested in being part of a photo shoot, too. Beautiful shot of you in the museum!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.