a moose head in our living room

We have our tree up, a bunting in progress, a garland strung and a paper maché moose bust completed.

Christmas is well on its way in the Jones family house. However, so are the semester finals. Hence why I've dropped off the blogosphere last week and probably for most of this week, but here's to study breaks, craft projects and good grades. (*fingers crossed)

Meet Maxwell the Moose. He's newest member of our family and even though he's not a person or a pet or even a house plant we sort of love him and think of him as a permanent fixture in our home. Maxwell and his bow tie add a hint of class to our currently messy living room.


  1. That garland is so awesome! Love modern takes on traditions!

    I had a friend who had an actual deer head hung in her room in our sorority house above her bed and she would dress him up for every holiday season. Top hat for our sorority formal, flower necklace for a Hawaiian mixer, Santa hat for Christmas, Mardi Gras beads, sombrero for Cindo de Mayo, etc. So the moose is definitely better than a houseplant because you a) don't have to water it and b) can dress it up because it has no shame.

  2. Oh wow! Do you have details on how you made the moose? I've been wanting a faux stag head, but can't find what I want in stores.

    Maxwell is one dapper dude for sure! ;)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.