learning to like winter

winter I know that I haven't always loved you,
but right now I can see your appeal.
when you let your snow fall
sometimes it rides on the billows of wind
gets tangled in my hair, creating a white halo
feathering my lashes and melting on my outstretched tongue.
the powdered sugar tastes smooth, softer than cream
with an indefinable flavor.

it piles up only to be blown away
then the volume compacts the powder to weigh it down
and sodden clumps fly from my hand to Nick's back

now, days later, it's the crunchableness that draws me in
to jump and stomp and crush its heaps.
I kick and karate chop icicles from branches, bottoms of cars and gutters,
except for when they serve as my brittle sabers in my duels which inevitably end with a snap.

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Also, I got a Facebook page just for The Book of Love, so you no longer need to be my "friend" to see when I post. You can like The Book of Love here and stay current on my posts. I'll probably share some of the outtakes from my photoshoots on Facebook since I try not to overwhelm you with too many pictures per post. In fact, I'll share some from this snow shoot that I didn't include today.


  1. I love this. These photos remind me of just cuddling up in bed and being warm and comfortable and lazy all day! I feel like I am looking right outside a window at this. Beautiful!

  2. it's funny, I thought that first photo was of cotton. I've always wanted to see a cotton field, and even though I never have in person, they are a symbol of summer to me. The seasons mirror each other in unexpected ways.

    Winter is rough for me too, here's to seeing the beauty in it!

  3. I have to admit I don't always love winter either, but there are its good sides... hot chocolate, fresh snowfall, and how close my puppies like to cuddle on the couch with me when it's cold. These things just aren't the same in the summer....

  4. Love your pictures, yes, winter and I have a love/hate relationship too!

    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  5. winter is pretty if it is anything :)

  6. Beautiful, it makes me miss Chicago.



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