why I spend so much time reading

Sometimes when people see me reading they'll tell me that they "wish that they had as much time as I have to just read." And then in the next breath they'll tell me about what movie they just saw or which television show they are addicted to. 

I don’t mean this as a criticism of the leisure activities that people choose to spend their time on; I, myself, enjoy movies and have too many shows, past and present, that I love. What's curious to me is that these people seem to think that I am either twiddling my thumbs, searching for activities to occupy my time or else the sole possessor of the secret to time management. In reality I am as engaged in my life as the next person, but if I don’t have time to do something it’s because I’ve allocated my time to something else. I simply love to read and so I choose to spend what "free time" (where's the giveaway for that prize?) reading. As of two weeks ago, I still slept with a flashlight by my bed, partly because we needed a bedside lamp and partly because I still think like the eight years old me sometimes and even though I know that I should be sleeping I can’t put my book down!

Anywho, off of my soapbox and onto some books. I haven't updated those books to your left in awhile but don't worry, I have still been reading. These are a few of the books that I’ve read/listened to lately:

The Book Thief—I know that I’ve mentioned this book before but since Nick and I have been listening to the audio book it has taken us awhile to finish it; although, not for lack of interesting plot or beautiful writing to be sure. I’ve picked this book up previously and was told how great it is but I put it down for one reason or another. Now I cannot write enough in praise of this book. The characters, writing, set up and emotions combined to make it a wonderful experience. Definitely the sort of book that I want to own so that I can reread and lend it out.

Emma was a joy to read this time around. I tried it years ago and didn’t finish it but this time I was laughing and cringing and thinking the whole time. Jane Austen might have said that she created a heroine that only she could like but I found myself relating to Emma—both her foibles and her difficulty sticking to her resolve to change. Although, I do pity Jane Fairfax for the putz she chooses to marry. 

The Night Circus is actually my current read. I’m reading it for book club but I had already started it and heard many good things about it. Overall I’m intrigued, and in many parts confused. It is a book with many many plot lines that it weaves together in a way that seems jumbled but never makes me want to stop. I'm worried to see what will happen next.  

Possession was the most recent read for my book club. I got about 60 pages into the book and then realized that I had seen the movie version on Netflix a few years back. Gwyneth Paltrow. This both made me like it more and halted my anticipation since I knew all of the plot twists that would come. It had some very poetic writing but a tad too erudite for my tastes. (Er·u·dite—having or showing great knowledge. Emphasis on the showing.) If you are more highbrow than myself, which isn't hard, try it out. Otherwise, enjoy the movie. 

Nick is also experiencing The Blue Sword for his first time ever and I'm happy to reread it with him. What are you reading right now?

P.S. How great are these book cover designs? I am fascinated by them; embroidery, silhouettes, an illustration and this renaissance painting!


  1. the book thief is one of my favorite books!

  2. I noticed this, too, that reading seems to have a different status. people who have time for all kinds of useless things, no criticism, just saying, almost accuse you of having too much time for reading, as if there is something wrong. it's their own insecurities. they simply can't admit that they don't really like reading but since every wanna-be smart person is supposed to read they have to disguise this somehow. weird dynamics...

  3. I recently finished Marilynne Robinson's "Gilead" and it was an excellent piece of work! The one that definitely made me realize that it's worth to abandon all those series and films available, in order to have enough time to read a really excellent book.

    I don't know what I will start reading now. I was thinking maybe Middlesex. Or maybe I'll even try one of these four :)

  4. I haven't read Possession, but the other three are my favorites! You have such a great taste in books :) I'll have to try out Possession. Thanks for the recommends!

  5. Reading takes such good time management! I'm working on a book goal to read a book a week this year--52 books total--and it takes enormous dedication to shut my laptop and READ. But oh! the rewards are great! Thank you for these wonderful recommendations.

  6. I love love reading, thank you so much for recommending those :) And what beautiful book covers!
    By the way I couldn't agree more with you about the time management thing. To be honest, I haven't been reading much lately since I don't "have the time"... truth is I started following too many tv shows that take all my free time.
    The last book I read was "Les miserables", it's a great one!

  7. I'm so happy to see that people still read books.
    Newest follower, I like your blog very much.


  8. SO TRUE yes yes preach it girl! Haha

  9. i LOVED the midnight circus so much....
    i've seen lots of book posts lately, i think people are getting in to the cozy fall mood :)

  10. i love the EMMA book cover! so cool. i can't really read jane austen though...i can't get into her style of writing (i do enjoy watching the movies though :( )
    i am now setting aside time for reading, even if it's just at my lunch hour.


  11. I try to make time to read, it's really easy to think you don't have the time if you don't try. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice at the moment, I loved the 2005 movie and now I'm enjoying the book.

  12. i need to read the book thief. and i recently read the night circus and wish it were real.

    i'm on a mission to make 2012 my reading year and am doing a great job, and i've even given up some tv shows to make it happen. (but not all. hello, new girl!)

  13. Your Book Thief cover is way cooler then mine!! I LOVED that book and I also had a hard time getting into it at first, but it is one of my all time favs. Thanks for the recommendations, i'm so happy to have found your blog! New follower!


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