this is halloween, this is halloween

I wanted to share a spooky story, but it's late (or early) and Nick has begun talking in his sleep. (Talk about creepy--he reached over and said, "It's time for bed, you're always on the computer, you lob." And then shut my laptop. When I asked him what a lob was he woke up confused, trying to be alert enough to understand me. Weird!)

This was my most recent photography assignment. You can see the other two that I've shared here and here. The assignment was to take a self portrait that included some part of our body (no pinkies), use interpretative color, and add texture into the image. I was going for a renaissance painterly feeling of a girl reading. (Entitled: A Girl Reading) Think Whistler's Mother.

That idea evolved as I looked through the shots that my friend, Sylvie took for me. The more soft, demure pictures of me "reading" the book didn't have as strong of a profile and there was just something about the ones where my eyes were visible. My eyes plus the color I chose makes the piece a little more eerie--perfect for Halloween.

My teacher's biggest advice was to not be "safe" on this picture. Do you feel safe looking at this picture?

Happy Halloween

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Or what would you want to dress up as for Halloween if you weren't too grown up?


  1. I love this photo, the composition is brilliant.. It's thought provoking! x

  2. this photo is beautiful! such wonderful contrast! and there is definitely some sense of unease about it, so i think that makes it a success!

  3. Alison, there is something very eerie about this picture - it makes you look twice. Not safe in the least bit, well done.

  4. This is stunning, Alison. Absolutely love the composition, colours, mood and textures. Just perfect.
    You should definitely frame this up somewhere in your home...
    Ronnie xo


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.