I like cake

Over the weekend I had to do a photo shoot for an assignment. One of my ideas was to have my lovely model/friend, Devaun, pose while "baking". Devaun was great and really easy to photograph; did I mention that she's gorgeous. I'll show you the project in the near future (I'm pretty proud of how it turned out), but I ultimately went a different direction for the project. However, since we had all the ingredients out to photograph I decided to go ahead and make the cake. Because who doesn't like cake? Crazy people that's who. And we aren't crazy. At least in regards to our cake-liking.

I found this recipe on this very impressive food blog. After looking at her website for way too long I wanted to eat everything that she's created. This cake is called a Lemon Polenta Cake and was already gluten-free. Woot! The only tweak I would suggest is using a regular gluten-free flour mix instead of ground almonds if you have a nut/almond allergy. Also, my cake was a little grittier than I cared for; I'm not sure if that's because the coarse cornmeal  that I used was extra coarse or if it's just my personal preference. If I made this cake again I would use less of the coarse cornmeal or even replace it entirely with fine cornmeal. Anyway, it's been a real slice.

(And yes, I have been trying to come up with an appropriately clever yet subtle ending involving cake. Did I succeed?)


  1. looks like I'm adding that to my never-ending list of treats to make. also, I love that tablecloth so much!

    1. Thanks! My mom gave it to us when we were visiting and I told her how amazing it is. I felt bad about taking it. But not bad enough to not take it. ;)

  2. this series is just lovely. and that cake looks delicious.

  3. This looks amazing, i love the little flower on the top :) x

  4. oh my goodness, yum, and beautifully photographed!

  5. Wow, you take wonderful pictures! And I love the dishes!

  6. Yumm! This looks so delicious and your photographs are perfect. So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog :)

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the simple and kind of country photos, but at the same time they are chic and dreamy :) Love the style!


    swaney e


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