if I posted often on twitter I might say something like:

Sunglasses: Target, Blouse: ASOS, Pants: Anthropologie, Belt: Nordstrom Rack, Shoes: Nine West, Purse: Thrifted
  • I've worn makeup about twice in the last 3 weeks and none of the freshmen or women have complained or openly pointed.
  • We spent last weekend painting our apartment with a couple of friends and although it was daunting at first, I love how it turned out.
  • Nick has had two on site interviews this week--one in Palo Alto and one in Boston, which equals a somewhat lonely but full of treats Alison.
  • School has kept me busier than expected which is why I've posted less on here. However, I constantly have thoughts and things that I've wanted to share so hopefully I'll get into a better rhythm so I can blog before my head explodes without being sleep deprived.
  • Favorite class so far--photography, hands down.
  • I've been obsessed with art lately. Creating, appreciating and finding for our home.
  • I've decided that we need plants which is a big step for us since we're not sure about our abilities to care for a living, non-communicating entity right now.
  • Looking into graduate programs makes me happy/excited/confused. I feel torn.
  • I'm also on a lamp hunt. It's too far from our bed to the light switch. And we have a rule that last one asleep has to turn off the light. (Sorry Nick.)


  1. this outfit is too fun!! and i bet it's kind of exciting to look in to all the grad programs. i loved grad school so so much!

  2. Rock the no make up! If you can get away with it anywhere, it's in Cambridge, where free spirits abound. My make up routine is face lotion with 15 SPF... which no one but me considers make up.

  3. I love the outfit! I love all the different colors


  4. love the polka dot shirt!


  5. loooove the pants!! you work um so well.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.