looking at the person behind the lens

So I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats to know how the first week of school has gone and what my schedule is and what I wore to the first day back. Unfortunately, with the chaos of finding and moving into a brand new home last Saturday (read: our house is still a minor, not so natural, disaster zone) and getting used to living a little further away from campus we didn't get a chance to document our first day of school outfits. But don't worry we know how important it is to document this phase in our life so we will take some pictures next week and we'll just lie about when they were taken. (Don't. Tell. Anyone.)

As for my classes, I'm pretty happy with them. I have a few teachers who I'm not so sure about (read: they cover material as if there will never be another class period/ they ruffle my feathers a bit), but all of the subjects seem awesome. I'm sure that I'll tell you more about them as the school year progresses. Since it's a Friday though I'll mention my "fun" class, which is a photography one--Digital Imaging. For our first assignment we are going to shoot with film. Yikes! First time since all the disposable cameras of my high school years and the polaroid that my family used for taking very important pictures of children in pajamas. In another photography class that I was trying to get into but ultimately decided against this semester--Black and White--I learned about a woman named Vivian Maier. All of the images that I included today were shot by her. She was not a "professional" photographer; she worked as a nanny. And yet, she shot over 100,000 negatives. Her photography intrigues me as does her life. I want to stare at her pictures and understand the person who thought to take them.

P.S. This is our last year as I have mentioned and will mention a hundred times, and so some of our classes are not so we can graduate, but instead to fill space on our schedule and let us enjoy the rest of our college experience. I took photography. Nick wanted to take a VBA class and Statistical Computing class. What is wrong with that boy? Just kidding, he's great. My great big nerd. Luckily he had to take an arts class to finish his GEs so he gets to play with clay in a ceramics class.

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  1. Did you take these photos?? They are BEAUTIFUL!


  2. These are some great photos. Enjoy school :)

  3. Sounds awesome. And those photos are wonderful!

  4. Such beautiful images & what a talented lady, I would have assumed she was a professional if you hadn't have mentioned it, there's so much emotion in them & I think the b&w brings it out so well.

  5. those are amazing photographs...how awesome to take a photo class!

  6. those pictures are beautiful.

  7. I wish I took a photog class back in college - I think I did "film in literature" as one of my elective classes which proved to be pretty snooze-worthy!

    1. Shoot - or was it "literature in film?"

      Obviously that class made a big impact on my life, haha.

  8. Your photography class sounds wonderful! Sometimes I really miss school. :)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.