breathe deep

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Nick had most of the week of the fourth of July off and we made good use of it baking pies, visiting more of Boston, spending too much time in federal buildings getting his emergency passport, and then traveling to Rhode Island for a day trip. This past week we went on our separate travels to D.C. (me) and Belize (him) and then over the weekend we journeyed to Maine. Summertime is made for adventuring and our trips have been so much fun but I also have enjoyed the quiet moments in between our travels.

I sometimes feel like a whirlwind myself. Flowing over, around and through everything near me. It takes a lot to calm me down and stop my mind from racing and my hands from moving. We went to the Boston Temple a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. After a day of exploring and laughing and subway surfing we got to be in a place made to invite peace. Sometimes you don't need peace from something difficult or negative, you need peace in the midst of all the other good, happy, but more fast-paced things in your life. Breathing in fresh, sharp air is like the feeling I get when I'm truly peaceful. My lungs can expand fully and the air seems to make everything else I see and feel clearer, brighter.

Afterwards we got sorbet, which is sort of a throwback to when I was young and we would go as a youth group to the Chicago Temple and then get ice cream from the Baskin Robbins across the road. It was a tradition that we kept even during big bad Chicago winters and that I wholeheartedly support to this hot, summer Cambridge day. One major bonus of being married is the snuggle buddy I get now that I definitely didn't have then.


  1. sounds like a perfect summer, and i totally agree with you on the lungs thing... it's why i love yoga :)

  2. That temple is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing photos! I hope you're feeling a little less in a whirlwind this week!

  3. love that temple! and beautiful lighting

  4. I can relate so much... I feel like so often, even when I relax, I don't really stop and breathe. I love that you were able to find a little spot of peace!

    1. Thanks, Lacie. I think we all need a place to retreat to when our life gets a little too chaotic.
      So far so good, Allison! :)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.