25 reasons I love Nicholas Steven Jones

Happy 25th Birthday, Nick. A few of the reasons that I think you're the cat's meow:

1. You are the most patient, loving person I know.
2. Most of the time you seem oblivious to how tall, handsome and kissable you are. 
3. You make up adventures with me when we do our mundane, married people tasks like go to the grocery store. (I think that guy's onto us Oaf. -Smidgen)
4. You go for runs and walks with me even though you'd rather be lifting weights.
5. You tell me that you love my ideas and thoughts about things and make me feel like the cleverest, most creative person in the world.
6. You remember almost every inside joke we've ever had and can more than hold your own with witty rejoinders.
7. You enjoy watching Downton Abbey, Larkrise to Candleford and you will love Anne of Green Gables when we finally watch it together.
8. You are a captivating storyteller. 
9. You are more concerned about everyone knowing what I can and can't eat than I am.
10. You want to see the world with me.  
11. When we first met you barely spoke a lick of French but now your practically fluent. You are smart, not just naturally but because you love learning.
12. When you are having a hard time you let me rescue and take care of you.
13. I never have to ask you to take the trash out.
14. You sing beautifully.
15. You make economics seem fascinating. 
16. You listen to my suggestions about your personal style.
17. When you know that I really want to do something you get excited because you like being able to make me happy, like going to street dance parties. 
18. You think that my cooking is the best food in the world.
19. You can be silly
20. You get along with everyone and can talk to almost anybody about anything
21. When I am sad you don't only try to cheer me up, you listen to me and hold me and tell me it's okay to feel the way I do.
22. You are quick to ask for directions, on the road, in the grocery store or anywhere.
23. You like the books that I choose and one of your favorite things to do is have me read to you while we snuggle.
24. You are the early bird to my night owl.
25. You have the ability to make almost anyone like you. 
And I love you. 


  1. this post is so genuine and full of love. so glad you found me so I can start following you!

    1. Thank you for your comment and coming over to the blog. I sure do love that guy.

  2. Oh you guys... I love this. :)

    Happy birthday Nick! It looks like it was a good one!

  3. Oh he likes Downton Abbey!! He's a keeper ;)

  4. So cute! Sometimes it's good to actually write down the reasons why you love your partner. For my boyfriend's last birthday, I made him a book similar to Janis' one: http://janis-roseanne.blogspot.co.uk/2010/02/little-book-of-things-i-love.html
    He loved it. It's one thing knowing you're being appreciated, but it's a whole different thing having it in front of you, black on white, to read over and over again!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.