thoughts on running

During the last two weeks I've started running again. It's been months since I've run daily and I've really missed it. However, starting something, even something that I used to do all the time, is a lot more difficult than keeping up a habit. I've been feeling the effects of stopping and for those of you who are considering a little breakDon't. You'll thank yourself when a twenty minute jog doesn't wind you and your gluteus maximus isn't screaming the day after a little skipping.

Luckily I've gone through this stop-go cycle before and I know it'll get better as I push through it. However, I'm currently on the hunt for a running buddy in the area, or in Boston from June to August, to keep me motivated and give me a reason to roll out of bed on those mornings when I feel like my muscles are pulled taffy, because for me anything is better, or at least more bearable, with someone else. I ran a half marathon two years ago (*pause for applause* Oh no, please, stop it. Really.) and the only reason I had the gumption to sign up was my then exercise pal, Devaun. Until I do find that special person who enjoys pain and doesn't mind my chatter during runs I will still get up every morning and go running, and if some of that running is actually spent walking around, talking on the phone to my mom then at least I'm out there, getting my walk on.

(And yes, that is an exercise hula hoop. And yes, I do just stand around while I get a ripped six pack.)


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.