perfect days

Today was perfect.
He had a ten page paper due
that he had started writing the night before
I had two projects,
a final draft,
and a response paper.

But it was perfect.
He had three free meals,
breakfast, lunch and dinner
and the sun was shining
the air was summer warm
and I was wearing a yellow skirt.

Today was perfect.

I wrote this during our last week of school. And lately has been so un-perfect that I wanted to remember other days that were hard but still beautiful. 


  1. Love this post! I especially love your outfit.

  2. Hi beautiful! great pictures. i love this post!!! great job!i follow you, if your like my blog, follow me back. i have a great international giveaway. big kiss from germany ;***

  3. I love the feel of your blog. Great photos, great posts! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m a new follower too! Have a great day, beautiful!

    holly foxen wells

  4. A yellow skirt is certainly the ticket to a perfect day!

  5. what a perfectly sunny skirt!

  6. i love your skirt! so cute :) and it looks great with the navy striped top.

    thanks for this idea that a day can be great yet so so busy
    today is one of those (why i'm blogging when i shouldn't be, dont ask)
    but it'll still be great :)



Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.