New Year's Eve

"I . . .  can't . .  get enough . . . I can't get enough" 
Somewhat ghetto dropping of the ball.
Notice the bow tie Nick is sporting. So swank.
New Year's eve was a blast. We played games with some friends- Catch Phrase (one of my favorites) and Hilarium, which is an appropriate name for this game. Hilarium is like charades and a memory game, except everyone acts out their clue at the same time. (I had to burp proudly.)

Then we went to a party at the Provo Town Centre. They had a comedy show, live music, a big band dance area, karaoke, pop dance area, juggling, jousting and so much more. Nick and I engaged in both of the dance rooms for most of the time and boogied our little butts off. (Not literally, of course.) We also jousted (I managed to do this pretty modestly even in a fancy New Year's eve party dress) and unlike some of the other opponents, we did not slap each other in the face with our sticks or jab each others stomachs. (I ended up jumping off my post and launching myself onto Nick. I knew I probably wouldn't win so I decided to take him down with me. :) It was pretty much the best New Yea's eve ever. Provo even managed a little ball drop of their own along with fireworks and a midnight kiss, but only for Nick.

Today we got to start a tradition for our new family- homemade pizza and punch on New Year's day. Nom nom nom! And the punch is super easy. 1/2 a can of raspberry (or in this case apple raspberry) concentrate, a liter of ginger ale, 3 scoops of raspberry sorbet, pebble ice and some raspberries,  frozen or fresh equals perfection.

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  1. How fun! I've always wanted to go "out" on New Year's eve. That punch sounds delicious!


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