The end of January

Lately I've been feeling a bit blah. New job, yay, interesting classes, whoop dee doo, planning for the future, awesome, life in general, meh. But I really believe that it's January that's been messing with my mojo.

I've waited til the last day of the month to say this, but January is my least favorite month. I hope this doesn't offend any of you, especially the many good friends I have whose birthdays are in January, but for some reason it always feels like a month worth of Mondays all strung together. Perhaps it's the post-holiday season hangover or the pre-birthday and fabulous February anticipation but I am not a huge fan of January. There's even an Arthur (as in the cartoon about the aardvark, and yes I did sing the song in my head to know how to spell aardvark) episode about making up a holiday after New Years to get through the January blues.

To end my mild tirade this last week in particular hasn't been too awesome, with a broken garbage disposal, (gross!) Nick being sick for five days :( while i remained impervious until last night's stuffy nose and tight throat (darn your irresistible kisses) the only bright side was nick accepted an offer from PWC for a summer internship and now we know for sure that we're going to Boston!

Hasta la pasta January, and see you tomorrow February.


  1. I like you outfit a lot! Hope you're having a great day!

  2. I don't like January either! Christmas is over, I'm tired of winter, and you have to get back to real life. Hooray for the first of February!

  3. I agree, January is always a let down! On the bright side, that is a fabulous chair!!!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.