4 unique MacBook Pro Laptop Sleeves

1.,  2., 3., and 4.
This is what made my day so good on Thursday;

an (almost) brand new MacBook Pro, 15 inch!

Which, I now need to protect with a laptop sleeve.

These are my favorite finds from Etsy.

But I am thinking of making my own.

Are you Mac person or PC?


  1. I am craving a new Macbook sooooooo bad. Maybe for Christmas? If I'm extra nice?

    I say make your own - you could totally do it! You're creative and crafty like that.

    P.S. Have you had a chance to check out my giveaway yet?

  2. i have a macbook pro! totally want one of these!
    thanks for posting. i am a new follower!
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  3. The laptop sleeves look awesome, the wolf one is hilarious!! <3

  4. I'm not Mac-savvy.

    But I've heard that if I was, I'd hate my PC.

    So I'm not going to try out the Mac until I've married into money or something... ;)

  5. adorable! I think the bike one is my fave :)

  6. I def like both PC and MAC but MAC is 10X better lol....and I love the second sleeve, its sooo cute :)

  7. oo i love all of these! i'm a pc person, but only by default (i don't know how people afford macs, they're soooo expensive!) - i'm currently very into my netbook - it's so tiny & light yet practically does everything a laptop could do..

    the v&a shop online has some good ones too, here's another cycle one! http://www.vandashop.com/product.php?xProd=9579&s=1

    Katie x

  8. I really like that last one. Our family is Mac all the way. My husband is the editor of mac.appstorm.com, so it pretty much pays the bills for him to be a mac nerd ;)


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