So I kinda have this thing for hats

Blazer: Thrifted, Sweater: Gap, Jeans: Walmart, Hat: Market, Shoes: Tootsies Closet, Scarf: Helened,  Earrings: Etsy

My ideal days begin with waking up. (I know, novel idea, but this can be the hardest part of some days for me.)

From there I groggily turn off my alarm, and lay in bed for a few more minutes hoping I'm just having a bad dream and I'll open my eyes to find it's a Saturday and I can stay in bed as long as I want.

Then reality kicks in and I get up, change into my running clothes, stumble around the house finding keys, gloves and socks. I kiss Nick see ya soon and drive to the gym. 

I then stagger around the track for somewhere between 2 to 3 miles and come home feeling much more energetic and happy.
Then I get ready for the rest of my day, chatting with Nick all the while

This ideal day has only occurred once this week. :(

Why if, we know our days are better a certain way, do we not make that happen each day?


  1. so true! i know the best way to start my day (to live my whole life actually ) but i that whole motivation and self control thing....a little hard to come by , especially at 6:30 in the morning.


  2. I need to get in the habit of running like you do. It sounds like you have pretty good self-motivation I'd say!

  3. You are seriously gorgeous in these photos. Just beautiful. Love your hat.
    I have the worst time getting up in the morning too. I know that the day will be better if I just get up, but the motivation is missing. If you figure out the secret please let me know.

  4. This is a very cute fall look. I love your hat and blazer!! Your mustard scarf adds a nice pop of color. I am really into navy, camel, and mustard yellow this fall!!!

    xoxo Denise


  5. because you have a crappy running partner. oh by the way. devaun.blogspot.com


    I'M YOU'RE BIGGEST FAN!!!! :) :) :) ***~!~!!*~**~*~!!!

  6. That hat makes this outfit! Love it!

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  8. i'm a big fan of huge sun hats, so i understand your obsession! :)

  9. you and me both with the hats. hence the reason I'm growing out my hair so I don't look bald when I put one on!

  10. pretty blazer! I have a thing for hats. I rarely wear them though. it's due to my 24/7 summer season, 365 days. I can't wear 'em over here


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.