My not so secret love affair

Top/Skirt/Shoes/Bag: Thrifted, Necklace: Mommed, Tights: Target, Belt: Banana Republic 

I love to read. 

If I had an infinite amount of time I would probably spend a good portion of it simply reading. I do not have an infinite amount of time right now (I'm a full-time student, part-time employee, part-time blogger, and always wife) and I still spend a lot of the time that I do have reading; books, blogs, and assignments for class. 

I even work in a library, which is both good and bad. Good because I love being around books, but bad because I am always discovering new books that I haven't heard of that I have to read.

To me a book is "good" if I can get lost in it. It doesn't matter if the protagonist is male or female or even an alien; I want to be able to relate to them in someway. That's what I love about reading; being able to experience so many different lives even though I am just me, here, now.

Some of my best ideas have come from reading some thing or other. What we reads shapes us.

I could easily call this blog Book Love, instead of having named it after a song, but then you might get bored just hearing about my favorite books.

So, what do you read?


  1. I feel you - being a fulltime student, working, and being a wife (while trying to blog) does not leave much time to do all the many things i would like to do... but i guess we choose our priorities (and i guess we're doing a good job)


  2. Love this outfit, the stripes & pleats look great together.
    I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to reading and 97% of things on my bookshelf are graphic novels or fantasy stories.

  3. I feel that way about books too. I usually have one or two books in my purse at all times. Books are like a getaway for your mind!


  4. I always update what I'm reading on a page on my blog. I love your outfit!

  5. Oh I know exactly what you mean. I also work in a library and at home my bookshelves are groaning with the weight of still-to-be read books.

    Love your outfit and adore the mustard yellow bag!

  6. My mum's a librarian and we're a book household. It's lovely to always have them around. Your bone structure is amazing by the way. x hivenn

  7. Hi,
    I've been lurking :)
    I'm really on the same page as you. I read all the time for school, for pleasure, for info...
    I am big on the classics. I jut finished War and peace, but also enjoy more 'modern' classics such as Life of Pi, which I'm currently reading.

  8. I've always dreamed of working in a library with kids... sounds like a calm job. Your outfit is great - I especially like the yellow bag! Very cool!


  9. i don't think i would get tired of reading about your favorite books. ;) i feel the same way. i love getting sucked into books.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.