monkeying around

Not my best model-look, but the camera was dying and there weren't a lot of options.
Sweater: Gap, Belt/Skirt/Earrings: Thrifted, Boots: DSW,  (In case you noticed--New Bra: Thank You Victoria Secrets-- if you didn't notice I apologize for drawing your attention in that direction.)
Sometimes Nick and I act like monkeys.

I am not quite sure how this tradition started but I do know that at one point we would goof around by flaring out nostrils at each other.

Over time this intimidation tactic evolved into increasingly simian actions.

We have now established a look, a language, a walk, a dance and a playful hit. (Only I do this last one and although Nick never comes right out and says it, I know he thinks that it's so funny when I gorilla slap him--playfully of course.)

Oh the humanity. Where will we end?

Hopefully at a dollar theatre near us.


  1. That skirt looks so flowy and comfy. Ya'll sound pretty cute. Secretly set up a camera, and record your next monkey session. K? K.

  2. I need to get a brown belt like that...

  3. This skirt is great, love the color on you.
    I really enjoy it when couples share cute (and mildly embarrassing) facts about their relationships. You guys sound ADORABLE.

  4. Cute belt & I love that shade of blue !

  5. Love the belt! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. The belt was one of those 3 dollar thrift store finds. Totally worth it.

  7. And I will definitely post some pictures of us monkeying around. The hard part is it happens so randomly.

  8. Very cute look! You have an adorable blog!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.