inspired by: Fall to Winter

Alright guys, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but y'all, winter's coming. 

Don't worry you're not alone in breaking into hysterical crying. 

Deep breaths.

(I know there might be a few of you, and let's hope a very few, who genuinely like winter for reasons other than shiny snow and hot chocolate. 
That's alright. 
I still love you. 
But I won't pretend to understand you.)

For the rest of us who enjoy the occasional ski trip and love snow on Christmas Eve and day, 
but understand that the rest of the year snow just makes driving scarier than it already is;
to those of us who recognize that hot chocolate can be drunk any old time,
and who dream of heated blankets and fireplaces and wool
(all at the same time, please,)
here's at least one reason to look forward to winter:

I put together an outfit to get you into the season-changing spirit, because in spite of daylight savings time, it's getting darker and colder in my neck of the woods.

1. Velvet Blazer, 2. Mustard Belt, 3.Chambray Shirt, 4. Grey Socks, 5. Heeled Loafers, 6.  Purple Corduroys, 7. Grey Sweater, 8. Mustard Gloves, 9. Navy Coat

Here are the deets:
the shoes are on super sale (please budget-fairy raise my shoe allowance!);
corduroy is warm, comforting, and winter worthy when it comes to covering up;
mustard yellow is awesome, transition it into your winter wardrobe too;
and last, I love a dressy coat that's as versatile as this one, or this one or this one.

So what do you think? 
Would you wear this?
What do you love, what do you hate? (Concerning this outfit; although if you're having a hard day feel free to share that too. I really do like getting to know you.)


  1. So funny, I was JUST looking at those shoes a few hours ago. I love the pop of color!

    Now, while I like layering, I will never love cold weather. I like being outside without freezing! I don't need HOT weather but freezing weather is not my cup of tea at all!


  2. The coat is the best! What a lovely neckline.

    Hope you won't throw stones at me, but I love winter... My birthday is in December as well as most of my family's, so December is one long celebration! Plus snow falling is the most beautiful thing ever. :)

  3. I love the yellow and purple together. I really have been into colored pants lately and am pretty sad I don't own any. I've been looking at thrift stores and I know my day will come!
    :) cute outfit idea!


  4. Yes, I would totally wear this! I love purple corduroys.

  5. I would definitely wear these, I love the print of the jumper because it's really christmassy! Mustard is such an autumnal/christmas colour too.xo

  6. Love this. The alpine print sweater is my favourite.

  7. great picks! i love the mustard gloves!!!!

  8. Good morning, I truly like the purple corduroys - as a matter of fact, I picked up a pair of corduroys this weekend, cant wait to wear them...
    The yellow blazer and shoes are Awesome!!
    Love the colors!!

  9. Love this and the layering outfit!
    I'm admiring your long skirts in the above posts! cute style!


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.