and then it was Friday

The pictures above are part of a color assignment I had to do for my photography class, and I was just so proud I couldn't resist posting them.
Please forgive me vanity. 

Last night, Nick and I babysat our friends' kids Isabella (1+ some odd months) and Brayden (4).
We played trucks--although for some reason Isabella and I had a doll stroller--which consisted of running around with said trucks, not always on the ground, and bashing them into each other, walls and chairs. (I'm not sure if this is the best way to teach kids safe driving techniques.)
We played bad guy, good guy. Again, for some reason Nick and I were always the bad guys and Brayden would invariably catch us, spray us with sleeping gas, and haul us to jail (the corner) where we would have to count to ten before we could break off and steal shoes once again.

Probably one of the best parts of the night was putting the kids to bed.
I listened to Nick and Brayden's conversation from Isabella's room. 
Nick: Hey bud, it's time for bed.
Brayden: No. Let's finish play dough figures.
Nick: It says on this letter from your mom that we have to start bedtime at 7:30.
Brayden: But it's not time for bed. I'm not grumpy.
Nick: Do you have to use the bathroom. (This is step 1 on Brayden's bedtime agenda.)
Brayden: No. I don't have to go to bed, I'm not grumpy yet.

What a good argument as to why not to go to bed; I'm not grumpy. I'm going to use that on Nick and I'll let you know how it works. 

The only downside was I didn't get any pictures.
How do you stop in the middle of fun things to capture those moments on film?


  1. Love those photos. Very nice! I'm a new follower.. thanks for visiting me!

  2. great pictures! I really like the last photo. Babysitting is always fun and hectic, those kids seem so funny!


  3. I love these pictures, and the colors!

  4. talk about great pictures! and the colors are great

  5. hehe! well, it's late here right now, but since I'm not grumpy, it must not be bedtime yet :)

  6. i love the pic with the yellow knits!!!!

  7. Beautiful colours.
    I'm not grumpy is the new I'm not tired !

  8. That yellow is such a pretty color!

  9. Those are good pictures, you should be proud!


  10. Ok. Your photos are stunning. love love love them. Now following :)

  11. You should be proud, they look beautiful :)

  12. I LOVE the yellow sweaters! Hope you got a great grade for that photo :)

  13. thanks for the thoughtful comment ;] I love this outfit!



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