conference weekend (picture me with the "date face" on*)

This weekend went by too fast. (Maybe because it was spent sleeping in, eating, and watching general conference.) It was a no more homework, no more books extravaganza; and not just for me, per usual, Nick was in on it too. I had a couple of "favorites" but this one really caught my attention on Saturday afternoon. I missed some of the morning session, so I will get to go back and read those or listen to them soon. (Tummy aches + soothing voices = nap time) All around, this was one of the best weekends in a while. Besides conference and mission reunions, Nick took me out on Saturday night. (Pictured above.) We listened to karaoke and ate curry. Nick sang me a song which was so fun and funny. He's a really good singer and not too shy to shake it while he sings in front of me and a crowd of strangers.

What about you? What did you do over the weekend? Favorite talk?

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Chicago Boutique, Shoes: Thrifted, Top: Target, Belt: Nordstrom Rack
 I warn you that if I see that anyone has viewed this post and not answered my question I may cry.  Although if I see that no one has viewed this I may cry as well. So please, just answer my question.

*To learn what the "date face" is please click here. This is seriously worth the four minutes and ten seconds it takes to watch it. (Or even twelve minutes and thirty seconds to watch it three times in a row.)

I have a lot of addenda today.

Addenda is the plural of the word addendum. Can you tell that I like merriam-webster.com and that I am taking an editing class?


  1. I loved being able to watch it for the first time in bed! I finally hooked one of my 4 tvs up! :) Oh and I watched one of the sessions while taking a bath! Isn't technology amazing!

  2. :) Amy you are so funny! I don't know about in the bath though, it might be hard to take notes.


Thanks for your nice words. I appreciate them so much.